Like many medical practices, you constantly are on the lookout for competent, reliable healthcare staff. Chronic shortages in the healthcare industry confront practices no matter where they are. So, what can you do to find healthcare staff here in Houston? Read below for four tips.

Use medical staffing services.

This is one of the best ways to find top-notch healthcare professionals. When using a service, you can be sure the people they send to you are well qualified. The service does all the work for you – reviewing candidates’ qualifications, interviewing them, checking certifications and references, and more. A staffing service such as Team1Medical Staffing looks at each person’s skills, experience, personality, and work style and then works to match him or her with the medical practice that’s the best fit. A healthcare facility will get someone who is not only technically competent, but who will fit in well with the facility’s culture.

Employee referrals.

This is another excellent way to find good employees. Develop a good employee referral program at your practice, encouraging staff to offer the names of people they know who might like working at your location. You could offer some kind of incentive to people who refer others, either monetary or some other type of recognition.

This method works well because people on staff are plugged into a professional network. They obviously know others who work in their field. What’s more, they know who the best people are in their field, and since they know the work environment and culture of your practice, they would know who would best fit in.

Turn online.

Today, everyone is tech savvy. Many job hunters, especially younger ones, search for jobs almost exclusively online. If you don’t have a strong online presence, you will be at a disadvantage. Moreover, your website should be optimized for mobile devices as well, since many look for jobs using their smartphones and tablets.

Use recruiters.

You may want to outsource this job, or you could use someone in-house. Having a recruiter gives you a number of advantages. First, they can scour the employment landscape looking for passive candidates. These are people who are now currently employed, but not actively looking for a job. However, they may not be entirely happy where they are, and may respond positively to offers.

Moreover, recruiters can do the job of checking social media for candidates. They can also offer insight into what candidates look for when they consider you as a potential employer; this advice will help you ensure you can attract top talent to your practice.

For more than two decades, Team1Medical Staffing has been providing medical practices in Houston with the best allied health professionals available. That’s because Team1Medical provides personalized service to all candidates, reviewing their backgrounds and learning about them so we can find out where they would fit best. Call 713-590-2980 or send us a message, and find out why Team1Medical has earned its reputation as the best healthcare staffing firms in the area.

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