It happens to even the best managers – they make a bad hire, a person who looked to be a great fit for the job just cannot perform up to expectations. If you find yourself in this position, how should you respond? Here are some tips.

  1. Admit your error and move quickly. The bad hire is what is known as a sunk cost – the time and effort you have put into something. When you hire someone, the sunk costs can be appreciable. It takes a good deal of time and money to go through a thorough hiring process. But don’t let these sunk costs prevent you from cutting the person loose and doing it as quickly as possible. Delay and denial will only make the problem worse.
  2. Figure out why. What went wrong? What led you to hire someone who turned out not to be the right fit? Why did the person fail at the job? Did he lack enough experience, the right skills, or the right personality for the job? You need to determine what went wrong so you don’t make the same mistake twice.
  3. Make a new hire. How you move forward on this depends on your particular situation. During the course of your interviews, you most likely identified a number of worthy candidates for the job. If there was another candidate who also closely matches the requirements for the job, contact him or her. This relieves you of the burden of having to go through the hiring process again.
    However, you may be dissatisfied with the remaining candidates. In that case, you will have to conduct another job search. Before you do, however, you need to reassess.
  4. Review your hiring practices. Make sure your methods are clear and consistent. First, determine the kinds of values that are important to the practice overall. This will set the tone for your hiring process. Then, you need to clearly lay out the specific skills that are needed for a particular job, as well as the minimum amount of experience required. Also, you need to be clear and specific about the kind of behavior that is necessary in order to do the job. For example, does the person need to be assertive, or a good analytical thinker? You should also develop some standard way of ranking candidates. When developing these criteria, you need to incorporate input from all stakeholders in the practice.

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