Tania Morales, CPC, is one of our most dynamic staffing consultants. We have already told you about one of her mentors in the company, Lina Faye. This month we would like to highlight Tania’s achievements and her crTania Moralesucial contributions to the team. Not only was she a critical part of our team when ExecuTeam Staffing won Inavero’s Best of Staffing® Client Satisfaction Award in 2016, but she also won the coveted Rookie of the Year Award from Houston Area Association of Personnel Consultants (HAAPC) in 2014. Since then, Tania’s star only continues to rise as she both moves beyond her original role with the company and, in turn, now mentors new recruiters.

After having such a stellar first year, Tania continues to build on the strong foundation which she established with ExecuTeam. Tania contributes her success in the staffing world to the structure and resources with which ExecuTeam provided. She was given the resources and tools she needed, and she had a team supportive enough to aid her in implementing those tools.

Tania reflected on Laura Bowen, Lina Faye Gibbs and Lindsey McCrory in particular. Their mentoring of her was a large part of allowing her to approach her career with grace and poise. Tania was soon able to prove herself through direct hires and temp-to-hire placements; some of those placed employments are still with her clients today.

Tania has learned through the years that if her clients are more honest, she can make better the placements for them. Tania was honest as well: “I want them to be ‘brutally honest’ with me.” As her relationship to the client become more open and honest, the time it takes to go through the process of finding a candidate and making a placement becomes shorter.

Tania also encourages the same openness and honesty with her candidates as well. If the candidates come to her and are realistic about the type of position they are looking for, it is much more likely that the candidate will stay in the position for a long time and be happy with it. She quipped, “I’m looking for that mutual happy feeling between the client and the candidate.”

Tania reflected that she is not only grateful for generosity of the team, but also the opportunity for growth and advancement within ExecuTeam Staffing. She now covers a much more diverse array of placements than when she first started. Tania acknowledged that this interdepartmental approach has helped her become more deeply familiar with clients, their company culture, and their needs. ExecuTeam is adapting to the needs of the staffing industry, and Tania is a critical component as she currently handles a little bit of everything from administration and human resources to procurement and accounting.

Our young, vibrant recruiter shines in the spotlight and continues to be a vital part of our team. Laura Bowen, ExecuTeam’s President, knew from the beginning Tania was for us, “When I interviewed Tania in March 2014, my first impression was recruiting and ExecuTeam would truly be a career path for her!! Tania was seeking a career that would offer a variety, learning opportunities while utilizing her human resources experience. Her bilingual capabilities are an asset for recruiting efforts; however, it’s her engaging personality and commitment to help and serve our clients that prove her as invaluable.” Outside of the office, Tania is just as prosperous and vibrant. She is currently planning her wedding, and she has just returned from a well-deserved break and travels in Europe.

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