Here in this blog, we discussed Simon Sinek’s take on Millennials and some ways to engage Millennials in the office. One of the points, Sinek made was to prohibit cellphones in the conference room in order to allow “innocuous moments” to happen and foster work relationships between coworkers.  However, this doesn’t just apply to the Millennial in the office; it applies to all of us. Being constantly overwhelmed and stress is not healthy for bodies nor is it productive at work. That doesn’t mean we need to find low stress jobs, but rather that we need to carry with us a way to let ourselves let go of the stress and near constant technological demand of our smartphones.

Like our coworkers, our brain needs us not to be constantly distracted by the technology around us or always worrying. To be at our best and brightest, we need moments when our brain is free to creatively produce. In order to stay happy and productive at work, it is important to find that place (even if you don’t leave your desk) to look to and provide that moment of peace for your creativity to flow.

Ever have those moments where you can’t remember some bit of information or can’t see the solution to a problem until you have stopped thinking about it and your brain then gives you the answer when you are not expecting it? While it is not guaranteed to work without fail every time, allowing yourself to take a moment and breathe during those situations can help relax you enough to produce the correct answer or find a meaningful solution.

Find what makes you happy at work. For example, one of this writer’s favorite places at University of Houston is a seminar room which has windows which look out over the fountain. Whenever I needed to reset my brain, let go of a problem, or spark my creativity, I would look to the trees and the fountain. Just having a beautiful mental touchstone allowed a frustrated or stressed mind to relax for a brief moment and return to the task at hand with renewed vigor.

If you don’t have a window, there are some at-your-desk mind-freeing solutions which are easy to implement and not distracting to your coworkers.

  • A small Zen sand garden
  • Pictures of a past or dream vacation (office appropriate, of course)
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Your favorite music (if allowed and office appropriate)

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