Team1Medical Staffing is excited to announce Melissa Ramos has been selected as our Employee of the Quarter for the 3rd quarter of 2018.

Melissa is Medical Assistant who is described by her recruiter as “a well-rounded employee and a pleasure to work with.”  She is responsible, respectfully and has a true eagerness to learn. Her first assignment with us was in a Neurology clinic, a specialty that was completely new to her. But ‘new’ doesn’t scare Melissa. With her strong work ethic and drive, she embraced the experience, finding it both interesting and rewarding.

Melissa is also described as compassionate, loyal and kind. Her motto is “you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful, or perfect in any way. You just have to care.” And she certainly does care. She has such a big heart that her goal is to “actually know that [she] made a difference in someone’s life.”

To future candidates and employees, Melissa shared some advice: “Every job should be knowledgeable and interesting to you. And Team1Medical can help you find that job.”

We love employees like Melissa, and she truly has made a difference in our lives! Congratulations!


About Team1Medical’s Employee Spotlight

At Team1Medical Staffing, we are proud to work with the best employees, and we value their efforts, passion, and commitment to their work. As part of our MyService program, we have implemented a quarterly Employee Spotlight where we shine the light on our top employees to show our appreciation for all they do. Our goal at Team1Medical is to inspire our employees to be successful in their careers and to continue to be exceptional advocates for our company.

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