Are you ready to land your dream job? It’s time to upgrade your resume! If you’re a nurse, you already know that your medical expertise and technical skills are critical to success. But don’t forget about your soft skills! These are just as important as the other stuff – maybe even more – and can enhance your work and career development. Make sure your nursing resume highlights both your clinical skills and your soft skills equally.

Soft Skills to Showcase

Communication Skills

Great patient care starts with excellent communication. As a nurse, explaining complicated medical information in a clear and compassionate way is part of your daily routine. So, on your resume, make sure you showcase your ability to listen well, clarify medical jargon for patients and their families, and keep patient records accurate.

Good communication also helps you collaborate with your team, helping everyone stay on the same page. Highlighting this skill doesn’t just show off your communication skills – it also speaks to your teamwork.

Teamwork Skills

Along with great communication, nursing is all about teamwork. Working well with others can have a huge impact on how care is delivered to your patients. On your resume, talk about your team experiences, like coordinating with different healthcare professionals and how you support your coworkers.

You could even include examples where your teamwork skills have led to positive outcomes or more efficient processes.

Interpersonal Skills 

Nursing means interacting with a lot of people every single shift. Show potential employers that you are great at making connections with a diverse group of people! Emphasize your emotional intelligence that helps you build trust and create a supportive atmosphere for patients and their families.

This also speaks to your dedication to providing compassionate care, especially in tough situations.


Being a nurse isn’t just about treating illness. It’s also about understanding and emotionally supporting your patients. Empathy is maybe the most important skill for a nurse, as it allows you to connect more meaningfully with patients and anticipate their needs. This helps you care for them in a very specific and personalized way.

Make sure your resume reflects your ability to see things from your patients’ perspectives and respond with genuine compassion.

Why Soft Skills Matter 

Your technical skills get your foot in the door, but your soft skills make you stand out as a top nursing candidate. By highlighting your proficiency in communication, teamwork, interpersonal relations, and empathy, you show that you’re well-rounded and committed to providing outstanding patient care.

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