Dannielle is Team1Medical’s Temp of the Quarter for providing outstanding service in the Houston area!

Dannielle is an X-Ray technician originally from Los Angeles, California. She moved to Houston with her husband and two children in September 2012. Since being here she has learned that some of her old hobbies are not as enjoyable as they were in LA such as spending lots of time by the pool or at the beach. So in order to escape the heat while still enjoying the city, she now spends her free weekends in air conditioned facilities like museums, libraries, movies, and places like Bouncing Bears. She also enjoys shopping at Garden Ridge. She delights in her morning coffee which is a necessity due to the early hours she works, but she obviously enjoys her career as she is one of Team1Medicial’s “go-to” technicians.

Dannielle has been a great and reliable addition to our staffing team. The feeling is mutual as she reciprocates our appreciation by reminding us that: “Jessica is AMAZINGLY professional and sweet and there for me when I need an ear. Thank you!!!”

Recruiter Jessica and Temp Dannielle

Recruiter Jessica (pictured left) and Temp X-Ray Tech Dannielle (pictured right) celebrate in a job very well done!


Jessica and Dannielle

Recruiter Jessica and Temp X-Ray Tech Dannielle make quite a team!


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