The year 2015 finds healthcare in the United States in the midst of big changes; medical professionals, recruiters and the clients they serve, are adapting to healthcare reform and nursing shortages. Baby boomers are getting into their golden years, requiring an unprecedented volume of care—not just from RNs, but allied healthcare workers as well. More medical coders, fluent in ICD-10, are needed to record this uptick in services. It takes partnering with a savvy recruiter to find the right talent to bridge an employment gap like this one. Staffing solutions are best left to recruiters with a niche in the healthcare marketplace; they know the industry inside and out and are familiar with a wide range of healthcare careers.

The most important recruiting decision you may make is deciding who to partner with to help meet your healthcare staffing needs. It is essential to work with a recruiting team who is open, trustworthy, and really sets themselves apart in results and recruitment strategies. When evaluating your current or potential healthcare recruiter, here are three traits to be on the lookout for:

#1: Successful healthcare recruiters make a commitment to excellence via persistence and organization. Healthcare recruiters must learn exactly what the client wants and deliver, by dissection and analysis of every job description. For example, they know they have a great candidate, but is it the RIGHT candidate for YOUR position? Successful healthcare recruiters are persistent, working with candidates in every level of experience, from new graduates to veteran healthcare professionals. Successful recruiters are highly organized and do their homework; they can anticipate what, if any, chemistry the candidate will have with your interview staff.

#2: Successful healthcare recruiters are experts at sourcing! Successful recruiters work with amazing business development managers, with the instincts to set up at least one rounding meeting per quarter. Healthcare employers can tell by the quality of candidates the recruiters are sending, if the consulting team is efficient, has an open line of communication, and works well together and with you. Successful recruiters know it is imperative to come prepared to rounding meetings; here, they discuss their sourcing tactics, i.e., the best social media platforms for their next talent search, and the hottest trends in healthcare to date.

#3: Successful healthcare recruiters master technology, but they don’t behave like robots. Successful healthcare recruiters know a lot about technology, using it to sort and locate talent, but they also need a human touch to engage their candidates. It is imperative that the recruiters you partner with foster strong relationships with candidates that are built on trust; without that, the chance of retaining a talented healthcare professional long term diminishes, and another employer reaps the benefit of their skills and loyalties.

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