2015 is well underway, bringing change to every industry, including and especially healthcare. Whether employers are staffing large hospitals or small outpatient clinics, the bar is set incredibly high. Patient satisfaction is tied to medical facilities’ reimbursement; there is also positive legislation affecting healthcare professionals across the board—from safer nurse-patient ratios to being able to see a therapist without a physician referral.

In the advent of positive changes, the U.S. healthcare system is struggling to match supply with demand. Healthcare recruiters are more necessary than ever, helping employers stay covered during gaps, and giving them the edge they need to remain competitive in a challenging environment.

Here are some specific benefits clients should keep in mind when they work with an experienced medical staffing agency:

Agencies help employers adapt and comply with healthcare reform.

Since the Affordable Care Act introduced its mandates for employers in 2013, many facilities have relied on staffing agencies to guide them on the new labor rules. Healthcare recruiters understand that if an employer has at least 50 workers, there must be insurance for all, or else incur a penalty. Outsourcing jobs to healthcare agencies helps employers navigate Obamacare rules and regulations with ease and 100 percent compliance.

Agencies help employers stay quality-focused.

Changes to Medicare greatly affect a hospital’s bottom line; the facility’s reimbursement for certain medical services hinge on patient satisfaction. Recruiters deeply appreciate the value of hospital consumer assessments and recruit talent that embodies the key performance areas from HCAHPS surveys conducted throughout the U.S. Employers can expect candidates who communicate well with the entire healthcare team, excel at pain management and patient education, as well as work toward maintaining a clean and quiet healthcare environment.

Agencies guide employers in implementing cost-effective solutions.

Whether it’s staff augmentation or a full set of managed services, hospitals can count on recruiting specialized talent without having to do much recruiting themselves. A dedicated staffing team finds and prepares each candidate, sparing the employer the long, costly wait their own search would have incurred. Recruiters take care of background checks, payroll, and ensure that the match between talent and employer is a long lasting, strong and loyal one.

Team1Medical: A Staffing Agency that Checks Every Box on Your Wish List

Recruiters at staffing agencies are guided by the latest healthcare trends, and use them to cull the best talent from an enormous pool of applicants. In the wake of new technologies and industry changes—like Electronic Health Records and an upgrade from ICD-9 to ICD-10, there are new medical jobs—but there’s also a nursing shortage. So employers are well advised to let the recruiters answer employer’s most pressing questions with answers like these: “Can our candidates do the job?” Yes! “Will they do the job?” Yes! And, last but not least: “Will Team1Medical candidates fit the culture of your organization?” Yes! Now that you’ve checked all the boxes, what are you waiting for? Call 713-590-2980 or contact us online today!

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