Medical Assistants are everywhere on the healthcare landscape, indispensable to hospital staff, physician offices and outpatient clinics throughout the United States. Considering what medical assistants do for their employers, it’s no wonder their career outlook is so good. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), over half a million healthcare professionals worked in medical assistant jobs in 2013, and the employment surge shows no signs of slowing down.

Where Are Most of the Medical Assistant Jobs?

The majority of medical assistant jobs (13.95%) are found in physician offices, with outpatient clinics and hospitals following close behind. While employment figures are high with these kinds of facilities, medical assistants stand to earn the highest salaries when they work for teaching hospitals, in research and development, or for insurance carriers.

The U.S. states with the highest concentration of medical assistants are California, New York and Texas. The greater Houston area employs tens of thousands of medical assistants and continues to post many opportunities, not just in Houston, but throughout the state. Texas has a significant nursing shortage, increasing the need for all types of healthcare professionals. Medical assistants in the Houston area will earn an average annual income of about $30,000.

At Team 1 Medical Staffing, We Help You Grow in the World’s Largest Healthcare System        

Medical assistant jobs offered through Houston’s premier staffing agency, Team1Medical, are in the national hot spot for healthcare, and a great place for medical assistants to grow their careers. One in every 5 Houston residents works in healthcare; this high concentration of healthcare workers means that there are vast opportunities (and a high need for) for medical assistants and other medical professionals.

How to Become a Medical Assistant with Our Agency

Our recruiters work with top rated hospitals, physicians’ offices, clinics and pain management organizations in Texas. Healthcare employers affiliated with Team1Medical are recognized as excellent care providers. When you apply to work as a medical assistant through our agency, our dedicated recruiters will ensure all applicants have updated immunization records and TB test.

Medical Assistants will excel in:

  • Preparing patients for procedures
  • Administering CPR and certain medications
  • Collecting and analyzing samples
  • Assisting with EKGs
  • Processing insurance claims/working in Electronic Health Records

For a sampling of medical assistant jobs, explore a few from Team1Medical!

Medical Assistant – Houston

Certified Medical Assistant – The Woodlands, Texas

Certified Medical Assistant or LVN – Houston

For a complete listing of our medical assistant opportunities in the greater Houston area, browse our job openings today! We look forward to helping you grow your healthcare career.

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