There are far more than five reasons why aligning your talents with a staffing agency is an excellent idea. Temporary jobs in a rapidly evolving medical landscape are a great way for healthcare employers to fill gaps created by the Affordable Care Act, an aging U.S. populace and nursing shortages. These highlights will convince you to connect with a recruiter ASAP.

Your recruiter cares about you enough to make the perfect match: The assessment process may be easy, but that’s not to say it isn’t thorough. A good recruiter will identify more than just your clinical skills; he or she looks for the finer points in your personality and work style. The result is placing you in an environment where you thrive best, and because recruiters know the industry so well, they can anticipate exactly what employers are looking for. They’ll prep you for your interviews and offer invaluable feedback.

The onboarding process is a breeze: A premier staffing agency ensures that you begin your exciting new job without having to worry about a thing! Your recruiter directs you toward the online tools and resources you can manage from home, like scheduling, direct deposit and enrollment forms. There’s even the opportunity to refer a friend and receive a bonus—not to mention reimbursements for transportation where applicable.

Recruiters take care of the red tape: The healthcare staffing agency verifies your employment record, helps with licensure and certification questions, and arranges a prepaid drug screening—meaning you start work with minimal hassle. With these things neatly in place, employers are happy to welcome you as a new hire.

Your healthcare agency pays you big benefits: Employers are more eager to sign you on when they’re not responsible for handling your payroll or benefits—which are generous, featuring holiday and vacation pay, an insurance plan, and other perks.

Agencies offer VIP customer care: Healthcare professionals who come to staffing agencies can expect the red carpet, with training opportunities to maintain credentials, access to discounted immunizations and more. Because a good recruiter gets back to you inside of two business days, your only worry is being prepared to do a lot of interviewing, fast!

Team1Medical: The Respect, Attention and Care You Deserve

Over the last 20 years, Team1Medical has carved out quite a niche in the Texas healthcare system. Our recruiting team works very hard to maintain its reputation as one of the most trusted medical staffing agencies in Greater Houston. Whether you’re an experienced healthcare professional or just launching your career, Team1Medical can be a partner in your success, providing candidates with the power to control their schedules, and carefully choose the opportunities that speak to them the most. Let your voice be heard! Call 713-590-2980 or apply online today, and discover innumerable reasons why our recruiters have your best interests at heart.

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