High-quality patient care begins with the people you hire. By taking the time to identify and attract the best possible people, you can lay the groundwork for a higher standard of patient care.

Recruit for Specialized Skills

In what specialties have you seen a change in demand? Do you serve an aging population with increased demand for orthopedists, cardiologists, gerontologists? The sooner you identify that need and focus your recruiting efforts in these disciplines, the quicker your patients will have the specialized care they require.

Adapt to Busy Seasons

If you are located in an area with variable demand for care, you need to be prepared. Does your area attract vacationers in the summer? Skiers in the winter? Hire to anticipate that need. Consider temporary per diem help to prevent gaps in care when coverage is most needed.

Be More Selective

While the demand for healthcare professionals increases each year, that is no reason to lower your hiring standards. Cast your net wide to find the right people. Benchmark your compensation against the competition to be sure you attract top-quality professionals. Consider working with a specialized staffing firm that can do much of the upfront screening for you.

Thoroughly Vet Your Candidates

In today’s highly technical world, there are unlimited ways to confirm the quality of the people you hire. Verify their credentials, check their references and confirm the skills and experience listed on their resume. By hiring and retaining the best allied healthcare candidates, you can reduce errors and improve patient satisfaction, raising your standards and performance.

Don’t Neglect Soft Skills

The best credentialed healthcare candidate will not provide the best care if they are not patient-focused and empathetic. Choose the candidate who truly enjoys working with people and is dedicated to providing the best possible care.

Partnering with Team1Medical can help you to improve the quality of your hires and increase your standards in patient care. We can recruit, screen and vet candidates for you for your peace of mind and your patients’ optimum care.

If you need assistance selecting allied health professionals to help you to provide your patients with the best care in Houston, contact Team1Medical.  Call 713-590-2980 or contact us today.

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