If you are working with a medical staffing service for the first time, you may have a few questions. You may wonder if you’ve made a good decision, and if you have a reliable and experienced partner who will help you further your healthcare career.

The agency can offer you top-paying, flexible healthcare opportunities. Healthcare staffing services generally offer a number of different work arrangements, including per diem shifts, as well as temporary and direct placements.

When working with an agency, the first thing you will do is complete an online application. The recruiters at the service will look over your application and respond to you. Then they’ll interview you to evaluate your skills, interests, personality, experience, and work style. They will also verify your certifications and references, and you’ll undergo a drug screening.

Once the staffing service takes you on as an employee, much of the onboarding process at services such as Team1Medical can be handled online. A staffing service has the resources online for you to manage scheduling, direct deposit and other enrollment forms.

Based on what the recruiters have learned about you, they will look for job opportunities where they believe you will fit best. Because healthcare staffing services have extensive experience working in the healthcare industry, they have a wide network and will be able to find the medical practices where your skills and background would match well. The service will also prepare you on what to expect at interviews. (In fact, here at Team1Medical, of the healthcare professionals who choose to remain with us, nine out of 10 are with the same medical practice after three years.)

When working with a medical staffing service, you may qualify for a wide range of benefits. These could include holiday and vacation pay; discounted medical, dental and vision insurance; short-term disability and life insurance; paid pre-assignment drug screenings; credit union membership; direct deposit; transportation reimbursement; online time reporting; access to discounted immunizations; training opportunities to maintain your credentials; and even discounted pet insurance.

Team1Medical Staffing has a 20-year track record of success in linking qualified health professionals with the top healthcare employers in Houston. Because of our thorough evaluation of candidates and extensive health industry connections, Team1Medical has become one of the top healthcare staffing agencies in the Houston area. Call 713-590-2980 or apply online today, and find out why we have earned our reputation as the best medical staffing firm in the area.

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