The results you get from your healthcare recruiter are only as good as what you put into the relationship. Develop a true partnership and work together to get the quality candidates and ease of doing business you expect.

Align Your Expectations

Discuss with your recruiter exactly what you need.  Do you want to see a certain number of candidates per opening? Regular progress reports? If the recruiter doesn’t know what you want, he can’t deliver. And don’t hesitate to ask plenty of questions of your recruiter. If you know how they regularly conduct business, you know what to expect and can ask them to adapt to your preferences.

Don’t Hide Your Challenges

Give your recruiter an accurate view of your organization. Do you have a lot of turnover because you have a difficult-to-work-with surgeon or administrator? Tell your recruiter so he doesn’t send you thin-skinned candidates who are bound to fail.

Leverage Their Expertise

When you have a true partnership with your healthcare recruiter, you should be able to rely on them for advice or business intelligence. Is your compensation package competitive in the industry? Is your hiring process turning away solid candidates? Your healthcare recruiter will be able to tell you.

Communicate Openly

A productive relationship is a two-way street. Return their calls and stay in touch. Don’t just give them a job order and cut them loose. Don’t let resumes sit in your inbox for days. And if they are missing the mark, let them know so they can correct their course.

Share Your Plans

Make your relationship with your healthcare recruiter strategic, not tactical. Let them know what your needs will be down the road. Tell them about facility expansions so they can build a talent pipeline for you.

Choose a Niche Provider

Find out how much experience they have in your particular niche. Don’t work with a general recruiter who also does a few healthcare placements; choose a recruiter who works exclusively in healthcare.

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