One may not think that a healthcare facility’s staffing and human resources efforts would have a big impact on patient satisfaction. Yet they do because when the patient-to-staff ratio favors patients, patients perceive that they are receiving more personal care and therefore their satisfaction rises.

Yet other staffing and human resource factors also help increase patient satisfaction. Read below for three of them.

Hiring the right people from the get-go.

When a healthcare facility hires people who have the necessary skills and experience, and who fit with the facility’s “culture,” magic can happen. Employees feel they can do their jobs and they also feel highly connected to the facility – to its mission and its goals – helping them feel engaged and happy to come to work. They get along with colleagues; personnel drama is minimal.

Patients sense this, lessening their stress. Their satisfaction rises.

Offering ongoing team training.

Employees who receive ongoing training in patient customer service, CE courses within their field, instruction on new technologies, etc., feel valued by their employer. They also can provide the best of care to patients because their knowledge and skills continue to expand and grow (again raising patient satisfaction).

Employees also are less likely to leave a facility in which they feel respected, valued and competent. Retaining employees helps keep experienced employees serving patients, also helping to keep patient satisfaction high.

Retaining your best team members.

Retaining employees with the top expertise and knowledge, and/or keeping those with the best patient skills will a) ensure your facility is known for having the top professionals in their fields on staff, and b) provide top-notch medical services to patients. A great reputation coupled with actually providing high-quality medical services is the one-two punch toward keeping excellent patient satisfaction ratings.

Your facility’s recruiting partner can help you with the first factor: Hiring the right people from the get-go. Unlike a general staffing firm, a healthcare staffing agency centers its work only on sourcing, vetting and placing healthcare professionals and therefore knows explicitly what employee skills and personalities hospitals and other medical facilities truly need, helping you hire the right people from the start.

In addition, a healthcare staffing firm such as Team1Medical Staffing – which works solely within the Houston market – has exhaustive knowledge of the candidates available in this region. We know, in short, “where the good guys are,” helping you hire the hard-to-find employees you need.

Call us at 713-590-2980 to learn more about how we can help you increase your patients’ satisfaction rates by finding you reliable and skilled healthcare professionals.

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