The employment market for healthcare professionals these days is better than it has been in a while. But finding the right job in Houston, the best job, still takes a lot of research and work if you do it yourself. It would certainly be nice if you could turn the task over to someone who could do it for you, someone who knows your skills and background, has an intimate knowledge of the Houston healthcare job market, and knows the medical practices in the area; someone who can match you with the right job.

Too good to be true? Not at all. There is someone who can do all of those things – a healthcare staffing agency such as Team1Medical Staffing. Whether you are a recent graduate looking for your first job, or an experienced professional looking for a new challenge, a staffing service can really help you turbo charge your job search and help you land the job you want in Houston.

There are many advantages to using a staffing service as part of your job search. Here are just a few.

  1. It doesn’t cost you anything. This alone is a great incentive for using a staffing firm. The employers – the staffing firm’s clients – foot the bill.
  2. Personal attention. Professional growth. A good staffing service looks beyond your job title and gets to know you as a person, who you are as an individual. Agency staff members seek to learn about your personality, strengths, interests, skills, and career goals, so that they can find the best job match for you. A top-notch agency such as Team1Medical, provides you with the resources and guidance to help you grow in your profession.
  3. Flexibility. Using a healthcare staffing service allows you to have more control over your schedule. You can choose from full-time positions or temporary assignments.
  4. Knowledge of the labor market. Since healthcare staffing firms work every day with local medical practices and job seekers, they have an intimate knowledge of what the job market is like. The agencies know what positions are in demand. And agencies that have a longer history, such as Team1Medical, have built up a network of contacts, giving them a real comprehensive picture of the labor market.
  5. Many contacts in the healthcare industry. Agencies work closely with many different medical practices, so we have access to the best healthcare employers in Houston. We have a network that we can draw upon to find the right job for you. Not only that, since many employers hire only from staffing services, you will have access to job openings that are never even advertised.
  6. Competitive salary. Healthcare staffing services are familiar with salary structures because of their relationships with medical practices, so they can help you negotiate a salary that is fair and equitable.
  7. Simplifies the application process. When a staffing firm such as Team1Medical submits your name to an employer, the medical practice knows it is getting a top-flight professional. The agency follows up on the application with its client for you, as well.

For more than two decades, Team1Medical Staffing has provided the personalized and reliable service that has earned us the reputation as one of the most trusted medical staffing agencies in the Greater Houston area. We have become a top-notch firm because of our attention to detail and the flexibility we offer our candidates – enabling them to control their own schedules. Give us a call at 713-590-2980 or apply online today, and find out why we’re different from any other healthcare staffing firm.

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