The words we use are important. They can be used to uplift and inspire, or to berate and condemn. The words managers say are important in setting the tone of the workplace they oversee, and can establish either an environment of trust and communication, or one of frustration and suspicion. Good managers tend to use words and phrases that bring people together and make them want to give their best. Here are a few of those common phrases.

  1. I’m happy to have you on board our team. This tells your medical staff they are valued by their superiors; they are more than cogs in a machine. It lets them know they are part of something larger than just themselves; they are an invaluable part of a team.
  2. Our mission is . . . It is important for managers to talk about the overall goal of the medical team, what they are aiming for. Workers need to see the big picture and what their role is in it. It also inspires workers to act as a team to achieve said goal.
  3. This is what I expect from you. Good managers are clear about what kind of performance expectations they have from their staff. People need to know exactly what to do and to what standards they will be held. They should spell this out so that there is no guesswork or misunderstanding.
  4. How are you doing? The best supervisors take an interest in their employees beyond their role as simply workers. They care how their employees are doing and take time to talk to their workers, asking them about their life outside of work as well.
  5. What do you think? Good managers are always receptive to input from their staff and encourage this kind of input. Managers know the employee is the one doing the job, at the point where the rubber meets the road, and can offer valuable insights about how things are actually going.
  6. I goofed. This phrase is detested by some leaders. They cannot admit when they make a mistake. They try to shift the blame. But good leaders have integrity and they courage to admit when they have erred. This encourages trust from their employees, who see that their leader is willing to acknowledge when he has made a mistake. It also gives permission to workers to admit when they have made an error, rather than try to cover it up. It also takes the fear out of being reprimanded for a mistake.

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