As an employer, you want your new employees get off to a good start so they are productive and successful. You want them to be happy that they chose your company to work for. That is why onboarding is so important. A good onboarding process can mean the difference between a good performer and someone who is unhappy and a drag on productivity. Here are a few of the components of an effective onboarding process.

The basics

This is the nuts and bolts of the onboarding process. This is where the employee learns about the policies and procedures of the company, and details about its benefits package. Make sure the new employee’s computer and telephone are set up and working properly, that he has email and Internet access, that he knows where the bathrooms and lunchrooms are, and other similar details.

The supervisor should also explain the organizational structure of the company so that he knows who reports to whom, and how he fits into the overall chain of command. In addition, the supervisor should talk to the new person about the mission, vision and values of the company.

Performance standards

The supervisor needs to set out clear performance standards and goals. The supervisor should review with the new employee the duties of the job. It is also helpful if the company assigns a mentor to the new person, someone who has been with the company for a while and who can help the new person with questions or concerns.

Making the new employee feel welcome

The supervisor should take the new person around and introduce him to the people he will be working with. It is also a good idea to send a company-wide email out to everyone introducing the new person and welcoming him to the company. This is an opportunity to tell everyone about the person, what he brings to the company, what his responsibilities will be, and how he will fit in with the operation of the business.

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