If you are thinking about using a staffing firm to help find employees for your medical practice, you may be wondering how to go about choosing one. What should you look for? Which firm can best help you? Here are a few things to consider as you make that decision.

What is the firm’s website like?

Is it professional looking? Is it well thought out and well put together? Does it give you a good overview of the firm, what it does, and why you should choose it? These days, a company website is often the first thing prospective customers see. It is the face of the company, and as such, can give you a good indication of the quality and reliability of the business. After all, if the website is shoddily put together and confusing, should you expect to find a top-notch business behind it?

What kind of experience and expertise does the company have?

How long has it been in business? Does the firm specialize only in healthcare positions (like Team1Medical), or is it more of a general job placement service? You should stay away from firms that do not specialize in healthcare. They probably won’t have the expertise you need.

How complete is their database? It should have a good number of people available in each specialty area. How long does it take for them to fill positions? They should have data on their average time to fill a position. Also, pay attention to their service. How prompt is the firm in getting back to you?

What kind of reputation does the firm have?

Get the names of other clients who have used the firm and find out what they think of the company. What kind of testimonials are on the firm’s website? What kind of performance records do their placements have?

What kind of evaluation process do they have?

How thorough is the evaluation process when it comes to hiring medical and healthcare professionals? It should involve more than just a background check. The firm should test the person’s skills and competency, verify the person’s license, do a drug screening, verify previous employment, and do reference checks, at the very least.

What kind of follow up do they do?

Do they check with employers after the placement to see how things are going? Do they follow up with their employee to see how the person is doing and if the firm can offer any assistance?

If you get satisfactory answers to these five questions, you can be reasonably sure you are dealing with a first-rate medical staffing firm.

You can be sure that Team1Medical Staffing will have the answers you want to hear on each of these five questions. Over the past 20 years, we have moved into the top echelon of staffing agencies in the Greater Houston area because of our service, reliability and expertise. We have helped numerous medical practices find the top-notch people they need. Contact us today to see what we can offer you.

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