So, you’ve decided to work with a medical recruiting firm to find your next healthcare position – good decision! Recruiters can be a big help in finding employment. They have a wealth of contacts, know what employers are looking for, know the job market, and even know of jobs that haven’t been advertised yet.

But, since you may not have worked with a recruiter before, you may be unsure how your relationship will work. If so, here are a few tips.

Ask questions.

When you are contacted by a recruiter, the first thing to do is learn what you can about the person. Who does she work for? What experience does she have? What kind of process will you go through? Check with people in your network to see if they have any information about the recruiter and her reputation. Does the recruiter seem genuinely concerned about finding you a job that meets your skills and interests?

Be honest.

The recruiter cannot help you if she doesn’t have the information she needs. Be honest with her about your background. If, for example, you have some gaps in your work history, or maybe were let go at a previous job, let the recruiter know. She won’t be too happy to suddenly learn about these things later in the job search process.

At the same time, since recruiters represent healthcare organizations that are looking for people, you want to sell yourself, highlighting your skills, strengths, knowledge, and experience as completely as possible, and explaining the reasons and circumstances behind any black marks on your resume.

Be honest with the recruiter about what kinds of jobs you are looking for.

Use the recruiter as a source of information.

The recruiter has a lot of knowledge about employers and the job market and can provide you with answers to questions you may have about the job search. She can fill you in on what the hiring process is like, as well as offer perceptions on various employers. The recruiter can also serve as a point of contact between you and an employer, passing along any questions you may have to the employer before you head out for an interview.

But once you make a commitment to work with a recruiter, you should see it through. Don’t back out of the arrangement halfway through the process. If you do, you won’t hear from that recruiter again. Also, trust the recruiter to work in your best interest. Do not contact the employer directly, go through the recruiter.

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