Rhonda Houston is Team1Medical’s Temp of the Quarter, and she was quite excited to be recognized as such. Rhonda wrote to us, “It was like icing on the cake because I have had a very positive experience working for your company already.”

Rhonda Houston and JessicaRhonda’s journey with Team1Medical as an x-ray tech began with her recruiter Jessica Randolph. After being out of the field for twelve years, Rhonda was doing everything she could to get up-to-date and to find a way back in to Radiology. However, Rhonda seemed to only find closed doors until Jessica called her for an interview. She feels that Jessica saw potential in her that others could not see, and Jessica immediately had the perfect job situation for her. Rhonda has kept busy through Team1Medical and has been a tremendous asset to the team by enjoying the challenge of going to a variety of locations and continually learning new things.

Rhonda finds x-ray particularly interesting as it is evolving so quickly; the fast paced environment keeps her busy. Her favorite aspect of her job though has to be both the people with whom she works and the patients she services. Rhonda has found herself in many great clinics with exceptionally nice people who she finds to be interested in helping each other in any way they can.

Her desire to help people extends to outside her career, and Rhonda believes her time working in her church has increased her ability to do her job with greater compassion and understanding. Her desire to help people prompted her to return to the medical field. She has been involved with church and ministry since she was about 19 years old. Rhonda and her husband were youth pastors for ten years as well as being involved in jail ministry. Church involvement has always been a priority in her life, and she believes her involvement has had a  positive impact on her family.

Rhonda’s other hobbies include running with her husband as well as sharing hiking, reading and music. She is learning to play the keyboard, and he plays the guitar. They also adore spending time with their eight nieces and nephews and being able to invest into their lives.

She has had nothing but a good experience working with Jessica, Mallory and Team1Medical, and she would recommend them to anyone. She reports that the clients she visits also speak highly of the recruiters and their team.

2 Responses to “Temp of the Quarter: Rhonda Houston”

  1. Ted Cummings

    Awesome to see others appreciate my kind hearted, compassionate, and loving sister the same way our family has known her to be every day of her life! She has devoted her life to the service of others in the most unselfish benevolent ways imagineable. This is a terrific new opportunity she has to continue that service! Congratulations on this important reward Rhonda!

  2. Anne Flournoy

    “People Passion Performance” those are words that describe Rhonda perfectly. Her people skills combined with the passion for her work equals great performance. Thank you Rhonda for being a part of our Team at Team1Medical.


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