“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.” — Alan Cohen


In a perfect world, managers and employees have frictionless relationships with each other, colleagues always get along well, and every hire a company makes turns out to be a smashing success for everyone involved. We don’t live in a perfect world, however, and organizations often find themselves searching for ways to avoid new staffing problems—and struggling to resolve the ones they have. Fortunately, ExecuTeam HR Insights is here with plenty of insight on these topics.

In this edition’s feature article, “Do Generational Differences Matter?” David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom address one potentially thorny issue in today’s workplace: age. They offer an analysis of differences among workers from different age groups as well as suggestions for bridging divides that could lead to conflict, optimistically pointing out that “the truth is that many important similarities hold true in the workplace in spite of any generational differences.”

Zoe Meinecke and Sharlyn Lauby write about two other problems that often plague companies. In “Stop Ignoring Your New Employees,” Meinecke describes how the lack of company-provided training can leave some new hires feeling unwelcome. And in “4 Ways Technology Can Minimize Employee Burnout,” Lauby writes, “The key to limiting the contagious nature of burnout is to give employees control over their work and to implement programs that focus on allowing employees to work when they want to work” and presents several specific suggestions for keeping employees engaged and productive.

Read this month’s issue of HR Insights Magazine here.

Whether your organization is currently dealing with some staffing challenges or is proactively looking for ways to prevent them, rest assured that ExecuTeam has the expertise needed to evaluate and resolve both ongoing and potential problems. We understand employees and we understand how companies work—and we know how to help your organization. The perfect time to start exploring your options is now, so contact us today!


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