Regardless of what product or service it provides, a company is only as good as its people: without the right people, business grinds to a halt. Savvy leaders know better than to underestimate the value of their employees—and are always looking for ways to improve that aspect of their organizations. In every issue of ExecuTeam HR Insights, we aim to provide the information that HR and staffing managers need to make sure they’re on top of the trends and best practices in their industry.

In this issue’s feature article, “How To Create Positive Candidate And Employee Experiences,” Sharlyn Lauby uses a problem that’s plaguing the business world—the war for talent—as a jumping-off point for an exploration of ways to attract and retain top talent. With Kronos as a case study, she offers strategies that any organization can implement in its efforts to appeal to candidates and employees.

Engagement, too, is another issue that’s getting a lot of coverage in today’s HR circles. Ben Eubanks points out that one-off initiatives and even financial perks are inadequate for increasing employee engagement. In “How to Get CEOs to Care about Employee Engagement,” he writes, that’s a project that should be addressed throughout the organization (including the top) and based on what actually makes people happy—not on what the company thinks makes them happy.

And don’t forget all the buzz about technology. These days, it seems, there’s a technology-based solution for pretty much any problem imaginable. But that doesn’t mean companies should rush to sign up for everything that comes their way, as Terri Gallagher explains in “Technology and the Future of HR.”

Whether your organization is winding up the current fiscal year and starting to make strategic plans for the next one or just wants to explore options to improve its HR and staffing needs, ExecuTeam can help. Contact us today, and let’s have a conversation about what we can do for you!

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