The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has resulted in states issuing “stay-at-home” orders, requiring every “nonessential” employee to work remotely when possible. Unfortunately, not every job can be done remotely, and these orders led to an increase in unemployment.

Perhaps you work in the hospitality or retail space, as a contract or freelance employee, or have a “gig” like being an Uber driver, and now find yourself unemployed. Whether you’re looking for a new job or supplemental income, this time at home can be used to help redefine your career.

Social Networking

Job fairs and other in-person networking events are off-limits until further notice, so never has social media been so important. Take the time to polish your resume. Upload it to a job board or email it to industry contacts you think can help you in your job search.

Use your Facebook, LinkedIn, or even Instagram accounts next. Look up community organizations to “like” or follow. Use the messaging systems within these platforms to contact companies directly. Ask friends, family, and former co-workers if they have any connections you can reach out to, as well.

Online Courses or Certifications

Even though schools may be physically closed until further notice, it doesn’t mean you can’t still continue your education from the safety of your home.

Look up online courses from accredited institutions that can help you add skills and accomplishments to your resume. Access LinkedIn’s learning platform, which is perfect for professional development. If you are sticking to a budget, research free options—like this webinar series —to help you boost your resume and attract more employers.

The Staffing Industry

In times like these, staffing firms are your best source for finding employment quickly. Companies across the nation are critical to the health and wellness of our communities (think food, warehouse, manufacturing, and medical institutions), and in some cases, these businesses work exclusively with staffing firms to fill their open positions.

Send your resume to a recruiter, like the experts at Team1Medical or ExecuTeam Staffing, to increase your chance of being hired. We can help you build your resume, teach you valuable interview skills, and most importantly, match you with a job opportunity perfect for your skills and interests.

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