As the gig economy continues to grow, healthcare organizations are turning more often to the flexible workforce for assistance, pairing with staffing agencies to address seasonal labor fluctuations, facilitate the opening and closing of units, provide for staff vacancies, and otherwise keep the industry running smoothly.

Positions in high demand include Medical Assistants, Radiology and Ultrasound Techs, Pharmacists, specialized Registered Nurses, and medical staff with experience in health information technology systems. Choosing to partner with a staffing agency, rather than seeking a full-time job, can be challenging. However, there are many benefits:

Finding Your Home

Working temporarily can help you decide whether a certain hospital or environment is right for you. If you don’t feel comfortable, you can move to another location when your assignment expires. When a healthcare professional feels comfortable while performing his or her job duties, the ultimate beneficiary will be the end user, which in many cases is the patient.

On the other hand, if you decide you’d like to settle down with a single company, ask for consideration before your contract ends. Temporary positions often lead to full-time opportunities, since contractors have several months to prove themselves to management.

Obtaining a Flexible Schedule

If you want more time to raise children, attend school, or donate your energy to another important cause, becoming a contracted healthcare professional is a game-changer. Your recruiter can assist in finding the opportunity to match your schedule. Since you aren’t tied to a single company, you work with your recruiter—not management within the facility you are working. Say goodbye to last-minute schedule changes!

Opportunities for Promotion

If you’ve been working with the same company for a long period of time, you have a better chance of being promoted after accepting a full-time offer. Management is familiar with your work, and it’s often far easier to promote from within than search for someone new.

Higher Pay Rate

The majority of temporary healthcare professionals earn more per hour than their fully employed colleagues. Some companies even offer living and housing accommodations, depending on the level of their need. You’ll find many temporary healthcare professionals enjoy full-time benefits without working full-time hours. In sum, employers within the healthcare and medical space appreciate the contractors who show up when they’re needed most and provide quality care and attention to their patients and/or residents.

Learning Environment

Perhaps the best part of being a temporary healthcare professional is your ability to move from place to place, learning new things along the way. Imagine the experience you’ll be able to include on your resume. And just when you think you’ve learned everything there is to learn about your field, you’ll find a company with entirely different technology, procedures, and expectations.

Healthcare professionals choose to work with staffing agencies because there are many opportunities and possibilities associated with broad, varied learning. You’ll never be tied to a company you don’t enjoy, and your recruiter will handle your transfer to another position.

When you choose Team1Medical, you choose a staffing agency with years of experience in pairing talented candidates with the right company. Contact a representative for assistance with your ongoing search.


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