• 3 years of partnership
  • Over 120 Inside Sales Representatives successfully placed
  • Consistent fill rates of 90% and above for all hiring classes


A prominent healthcare service provider specializing in preventive screening needed to ramp up recruitment for remote Inside Sales Representatives across the U.S. To increase employee retention, they needed to hire quality candidates directly, bypassing temp-to-hire arrangements, to immediately offer commissions and benefits. This challenge was intensified by the need to fill these roles quickly to meet quarterly goals.


In response to this pressing demand, they partnered with Team1Medical to enhance their recruitment strategy. Our solution had three aspects:

  1. DirectSource Hiring: This approach allowed for direct hiring of candidates, providing instant access to commissions and benefits.
  2. National Recruitment Reach: Utilizing our network, recruitment efforts spanned over 20 office locations across Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Ohio, and Texas.
  3. Enhanced Communication and Feedback: Team1Medical assigned dedicated team leads to make sure we aligned with the client’s needs every step of the way. Weekly meetings allowed us to adapt strategies and gather feedback in real-time. This proactive communication made sure the recruitment process was finely tuned at every step.


This strategic partnership enabled our client to effectively meet their recruitment needs on time. Team1Medical’s extensive reach and innovative recruitment strategies not only filled the immediate roles, but also built the foundation for future hiring needs by tapping into talent pools in areas previously inaccessible to the client. Since 2021, Team1Medical has acted as the exclusive staffing provider for this client. Our streamlined processes and consistent support have made annual recruitment cycles more efficient, reinforcing our reputation as a reliable staffing partner.

This healthcare service provider values Team1Medical’s dedication to their staffing needs, regularly providing references that highlight our ability to handle large scale recruitment effectively – enhancing their operations year after year.

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