• Deployed over 450 clinical and 1200 support staff
  • Daily staffing ranged from 20-60 workers until all positions were filled
  • 30% of temporary staff were hired full-time


In the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Harris County Public Health in Houston had to quickly set up testing and vaccination sites across the area – much like every other facility in the country.

This critical task demanded a rapid increase in both skilled and support staff to handle the health crisis efficiently in multiple locations throughout the county.


To meet this urgent need, Harris County Public Health teamed up with Team1Medical. Within just weeks, Team1Medical provided a wide array of healthcare professionals, from nurses and medical assistants to pharmacy technicians and contact tracers. This quick and strategic move was crucial in boosting the county’s ability to fight the virus’s spread.


Thanks to Team1Medical’s quick staffing support, Harris County Public Health was able to significantly expand testing and vaccination efforts. This partnership was vital in addressing the immediate health concerns and helped build a strong understanding of how to control the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

This effort is a perfect example of how collaboration and quick action can lead to remarkable community benefits during challenging times.

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