Struggling to find the right healthcare professionals? You’re not alone. The job market is more competitive than ever. Even proven solutions, like temp-to-hire placements, run into obstacles.

So, what’s the answer? Consider giving DirectSource a shot! 

What’s DirectSource? 

DirectSource is an alternative to traditional temp-to-hire staffing where a new hire immediately transitions to your payroll. Think of it as the fast lane to bringing new healthcare pros into the family. 

One of the benefits of this staffing plan is that it helps you attract more candidates. Many are scared off when you even think the word, “temporary.” Here’s why DirectSource is the perfect way to reel in more candidates: 

Higher Starting Salary 

With temporary or temp-to-hire positions, an employee often starts with a lower pay rate that increases over time. DirectSource skips all that, giving you the ability to offer a much more attractive starting salary right off the bat. 

Shorter Waiting Period for Benefits 

Through DirectSource, a new employee is eligible for benefits right away, or after your standard waiting period. This can be a huge win for both you and the candidate, especially those with families who prioritize PTO or medical insurance over their salary. 

Added Sense of Security 

Listen – we know that high turnover can be a major problem for healthcare facilities. It’s expensive to hire and train new employees, and it’s harder still to keep top talent if competitors are offering better perks. Sometimes, temporary employees may feel like they’re on the outside looking in. But with DirectSource, your new hire begins as a full-time team member, which can boost their performance, attitude, and morale right from the start. 

Why Choose DirectSource? 

With DirectSource, you’re not just attracting new candidates – you’re keeping them around, too! No more losing your best people for a perceived “full-time” job with your competitor. Plus, you still get the benefits of having a staffing partner to handle the recruiting, screening, and interviewing process.  

Curious to learn more? Reach out to Team1Medical! We’ve helped healthcare facilities just like yours find their perfect match with DirectSource, and would love to show you how it works.

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