Strategies for Efficient Patient Care


Providing compassionate patient care and running an efficient healthcare facility may seem at odds, but both goals are essential. Achieving compassionate and efficient care begins by recognizing our shared humanity. After all, both caregivers and patients ultimately want to feel heard, understood, and cared for. Luckily, there are practical strategies to help further efficient patient… Read more »

Employee Advocacy: Supporting Healthcare Teams


Healthcare workers are the foundation of our medical system, yet they face increasing challenges. Toxic interactions with patients, heavy workloads, administrative burdens, and the list goes on. There is no question about it – facilities must be better at supporting healthcare teams. But how?  This is not about platitudes – healthcare employers must enact proven… Read more »

Bridging the Nursing Gap in Rural Communities


a house in a rural area on farm land, the grass is brown and bare, large gray sky

A severe shortage of nurses across rural America threatens to diminish patient access and quality of care. In fact, according to a recent report published by the Nebraska Hospital Association, the state will experience a workforce shortage of almost 5,500 nurses by 2025. This escalating crisis requires immediate and coordinated efforts between healthcare leaders and… Read more »