As sure as the sun continues to rise, healthcare employers will have staffing needs, fulfilled in part by short-term nurses in per diem and temporary jobs. These are the RNs or licensed vocational nurses covering employment gaps created by factors such as permanent staff taking a leave of absence, extra staff needed during flu or tourist season, or simply because the healthcare facility has turnover**. Here are five compelling reasons why licensed nurses should consider a short-term position:

#1: The thrill of steady employment, without being tied down: For nurses in short-term positions, it’s about exploring new environments, avoiding hospital politics, and controlling how much change you are willing to take on. In per diem nursing jobs, you decide how many shifts you’ll work per week and accept assignments only at clinics and hospitals that appeal to you. A short-term assignment as a travel nurse lasts an average of 13 weeks; in both scenarios, healthcare professionals enjoy the freedom of knowing that if they don’t like the position, they can always move on.

#2: Freedom of flexibility: Short-term nursing jobs are ideal for new moms, medical professionals close to retirement, or those with a love of travel. Because you dictate your own schedule, there is more time to pursue higher education. You can easily specialize or obtain certification in areas that help you succeed in the nation’s fastest growing profession. According to this nursing resource, RN jobs are slated to grow by 22% by 2018!

#3: Potentially going full-time: Should you fall in love with your short-term position, don’t despair about having to move on. It is not unusual for healthcare employers to offer to extend a temporary position, or give a short-term nurse first dibs on a full-time job opening.

#4: Adding to your skill set: Healthcare reform has introduced big changes for nurses, such as the need to learn electronic medical records (EMR). Short-term nurses may help medical facilities transition from paper to computer charting systems; this is an opportunity to expand their technical skills while on assignment. They also gain an edge by floating to different departments when the facility is short-staffed, gaining exposure in specialized nursing fields.

#5: Make more money: Geographic location plays a big part in how much you can earn, a fact that bodes well for short-term nursing staff. Healthcare staffing agencies typically offer free private housing as part of a comprehensive benefits package; this, according to a healthcare professional salary database, is the reason short-term nurses earn up to 20% more working through a staffing agency (than by approaching a healthcare employer on their own).

At Team1Medical Staffing, Short-term Jobs are a Win-Win!

Our recruiters understand and expect that candidates want to be represented by an agency with an excellent reputation and rapport with its clients. Our jobs may be short, but the talent filling them goes a long, long way! Contact us today to find healthcare careers that include specialty clinic jobs, PACU and nurse clinical manager positions, case management jobs and so much more—your exciting nursing career path starts here!


**Factors for hiring short-term nursing staff gleaned from Nursing Turnover: Costs, Causes and Solutions

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