When it comes to recruiting talent for your hospital, doctor’s office or clinic, you want the high-quality/low-cost solution that veterans of the healthcare industry offer you. Here are five ways that Team1Medical provides the service, professionalism and placement you and your patients deserve.

#1: Proven results. One can measure the success of a healthcare recruiter in the strength of the matches made between employers and candidates. Look for a recruiting firm that has a track record of proven success not only in their retention numbers, but also in terms of the candidate being a good fit for the position (and continues to grow in their career at the company).

#2: A generous benefits package. A top-notch agency ensures your new healthcare professional receives holiday and vacation pay, discounted health insurance, and perks that include pre-assignment drug screenings and credit union membership. The morale of candidates stays high and turnover low when they receive a generous benefits package.

#3: Understanding of current challenges in healthcare recruiting. In the advent of healthcare reform and surge in Americans reaching age 65 and over, patient demands are increasing. A leading recruiting firm carefully vets their candidates, sending employers talent that improves clinical outcomes, shortens your facility’s wait times, and prevents your patients from going elsewhere.

#4: Fosters relationships with facilities and candidates. You expect excellence from your recruits; in turn, the staffing agency expects excellence from the talent. Successful healthcare recruiting hinges on ensuring candidates follow through with hiring criteria, more than satisfying the industry standard. A recruiting firm that focuses on building a long-term relationship with their candidates and clients alike will be able to help ensure a better placement due to their audience’s unique needs and goals.

#5: Produces results that can’t be measured. Qualified recruiting firms value client testimonials as insightful feedback, illustrating that employers and candidates look to them for more than just a job or staffing solution; they see working with them as partnership that builds and strengthens over time. When evaluating a recruiting firm, take time to research what is being said about them and ask for testimonials or reference requests if their website doesn’t provide testimonials.

Team1Medical Meets Your Benchmarks for Successful Recruiting

We are a healthcare staffing agency that recruits no less than first-tier nursing, medical administrative and allied health talent; this includes a wide range of medical specialists that your community needs to thrive. At Team1Medical, 88% of our placements remain with the employer after three years, and 75% go on to receive promotions at the facility.

And at the end of the day, recruiters cut through the red tape, saving you time and expense. Recruiters understand better than anyone else in the healthcare industry, how staffing shortages impact your reputation and bottom line. Call 713-590-2980 or apply online today for the staffing solution you’ve been looking for!

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