If you are on any healthcare career path and you are looking for new job opportunities in the Houston area, it would be wise to register with a regional medical staffing agency. Whether you are nurse, dental professional, administrative support, medical assistant, in the radiology field or in any allied health professions, medical staffing agency can help you find your niche.

Why? Read below for five reasons.

  1. Knowledge of the local market. A local medical staffing firm knows the healthcare community throughout the region. A local firm also knows the recruiting and hiring managers in these facilities well and knows exactly what type of professionals they need – and often know this before these positions are even advertised. Working with a firm such as Team1Medical Staffing means you will have access to the best positions at the top facilities throughout Houston, and you may have access to these opportunities long before the general public does.
  2. Medical and healthcare expertise. Many staffing firms within the Houston area recruit healthcare professionals for openings at healthcare facilities throughout the region. However, they do so while also recruiting for several other business sectors. Such recruiting firms aren’t as aware of the medical sector’s exact needs. A medical staffing firm has years of expertise in one sector only – healthcare. Would you trust a generalist to perform heart surgery? Probably not. Which is why you should look to an expert medical recruiter to help you with your healthcare career.
  3. Receive advice on your medical career. As mentioned above, recruiters at generalist firms don’t speak “healthcare.” Instead, a medical staffing recruiter eats and sleeps healthcare. Many healthcare staffing recruiters are former medical professionals themselves, so they understand your particular needs, goals and challenges far better than a generalist recruiter, no matter how hardworking he or she may be.
  4. Help with your resume and cover letters. Many generalist recruiters have no knowledge of how to properly format a CV or create a resume for a healthcare professional. They also don’t understand the ins and outs of interviewing at hospitals and healthcare facilities. A healthcare staffing recruiter does, and he or she can help you craft CVs, resumes and cover letters that are sure to pique a hiring manager’s interest. What’s more, a healthcare recruiter can also help you prepare for your interview in a detailed way that no generalist recruiter could.
  5. Help you with your job search strategy within the medical field. Finding work in the healthcare sector can be a lot different than finding work in another field. A healthcare recruiting specialist can help steer you to making the right moves and – most importantly – making the right kinds of follow-up moves, ones that help advance your candidacy instead of taking you out of the running.

Team1Medical Staffing is known throughout the Houston region for its expertise in helping healthcare professionals find great opportunities. We love to help medical professionals further their careers, and we hope you’ll contact us soon to learn more about our services.

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