The common perception is that medical recruiting firms can only help healthcare organizations and medical practices hire more employees. However, medical recruiting firms can fulfill a higher purpose of helping these organizations and practices to hire more strategically and more efficiently to ensure a premier staff.

Here are a few ways that recruiters can help improve hiring strategy:

Improving ways to fill open positions in the future.

Medical staffing agencies know the healthcare labor market. They are familiar with the healthcare professionals who are out there. Agencies know the areas where there may be a shortage of professionals and where supply outstrips the demand. They know where there is greater-than-expected demand or where the demand is lower than expected.

This kind of knowledge can be a big help to your practice in filling positions now or in the more distant future. The agency can inform your practice of the kind of challenges it may experience during a job search, whether you can expect to fill the position quickly or whether it might take longer because of the tight labor market for the position. This will aid your practice in human resource planning.

Recruiting passive candidates.

Medical staffing firms with many years of experience such as Team1Medical have developed large networks in the Houston healthcare field. They can put this network to work for you when your practice is looking to fill a position. Again, the recruiters know who might be available. The recruiters also can contact people who may not currently be looking for a job, but might consider a new position that better addresses their career aspirations.

Helping to establish your brand.

A healthcare recruiting firm can help market your practice to potential job candidates by highlighting your particular brand. They can communicate what is distinctive and interesting about your practice, what your business culture is like and why someone would want to work there.

Making the hiring process more efficient and effective.

A medical staffing firm can help make the hiring process run faster, smoother and simpler because this is the type of recruiting the firm focuses on. The job of these firms is to find qualified healthcare candidates. The firm vets the candidates, checking their backgrounds, education, references, and certifications.

The firm works with the candidates to prepare them for the job. All of this makes the hiring process easier for you. The healthcare staffing agency winnows out all of the least-suitable candidates, so you get only those most qualified for the job, which saves you time and money.

Team1Medical Staffing has been a reliable source of skilled allied healthcare professionals for many of the best medical practices in Houston for more than 20 years. We give each of our clients personalized service by learning about their practices in depth so we can find candidates that are the best fit for them. Call 713-590-2980 or contact us today, and find out why we have earned the high regard of our Houston clients.

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