Whatever medical career you have here in Houston, you may be looking to see how you can get ahead in that career, what you can do to move to a higher position, to take on more challenges and responsibilities, or to make more money. If this describes your situation, read on for a few tips that might be helpful in realizing your ambitions.

Set goals.

This is the first step. You have to decide what advancing means to you. Are you aiming for a position with more authority and responsibility? Are you mostly interested in earning more money? Your particular goal will help determine the steps you need to take to advance.

This may involve some research in finding out about the trends in your profession. Where is it going? What are the opportunities that are likely to open up?

Maintain superior performance.

You will have trouble advancing if your current performance is subpar. Make sure you are performing up to expectations at your current job. In fact, you should look for ways that you can go beyond what is expected. Are there any opportunities you can volunteer for? Can you contribute any ideas for improving the operations where you are currently working? Be proactive in looking for ways to contribute, to show your value to the organization.

Get training.

If you are looking for a better position or more responsibility, you may need more training. Again, you need to take the initiative to find out what additional skills and knowledge will help you to reach your goal, and then go out and get them.


You may think this is something you only need to do when you are looking for a job. But that’s not true. You should be networking all the time. It will help you keep your finger on the pulse of your profession, to spot what the trends are and where the opportunities are.

These days, with the ubiquity of information technology, networking is easier to do. Online sites such as LinkedIn give you the opportunity to keep in touch with others in your profession. You can even publish a blog, where you can offer your expertise and insights into your profession and enhance your reputation.

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