Hiring can seem like an endless cycle. You put a great deal of time and energy into adding new people to the team, and it’s frustrating when they leave unexpectedly and you must begin again. But is it possible you are making errors that drive your best people away without even realizing it? Here are a few ways employers can lose their best medical talent.

Understaffing. Top performers who are stressed and fatigued worry they are not providing top-notch patient care or making the best decisions.

Examine the coverage you currently provide. Do you have people on-call? Are they called in excessively? If your practice has grown or your patient load increased, be sure you’ve added sufficient people to your staff to keep up.

Excessive paperwork. Individuals enter the medical field because they want to help people, not because they enjoy administrative tasks. Consider whether you need to add to your admin staff to relieve the burden on your medical staff.

Lack of appreciation. Medical professionals work an often thankless job. They make life and death decisions and work under conditions which most people would refuse. As the employer, you know better than anyone what they go through on a typical day. Don’t take them for granted.

Mediocrity is tolerated. Nothing is more frustrating to a dedicated hardworking employee than dealing with a co-worker who does just enough to get by. The only thing worse is an employer who doesn’t address it. Coach or fire your underperformers before they have a negative impact on morale.

You forget they are people. People are not machines. They need time off to recharge or deal with personal issues. When employees use their vacation days and aren’t made to feel guilty for staying home with a sick child, they appreciate it and remain loyal and engaged.

They’ve reached a dead end. Top performers are ambitious. They want to know what’s next in their career or how they can develop themselves professionally. Put a program in place to train people and give them the tools to advance themselves. If they don’t have resources and a path to advance inside your organization, they will seek opportunities elsewhere.

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