Thinking about a healthcare career? It’s a growing field, but a very broad one. If you’d like to narrow down your options, here’s an overview of some of Houston’s hottest healthcare careers – maybe there’s one that’s right for you.

Certified Medical Coders

As a certified medical coder you’ll be responsible for accurately coding and inputting patient information to ensure prompt insurance reimbursement. You’ll also be expected to keep all patient medical and treatment history confidential.

Medical Assistants

Medical assistants handle administrative and some clinical duties in healthcare settings. They can find work in a variety of facilities from hospitals to doctors’ offices to outpatient clinics and more.

Registered Nurses (RNs)

RNs provide hands-on patient care and teach patients, their families and the public about various ailments and conditions, prevention and treatment options. They may also supervise other nurses or para-professionals.

X-Ray Technicians

X-Ray Techs, or radiologists perform X-rays and other diagnostic imaging measures on patients. They are not diagnosticians, but are expected to understand what exactly the physician is looking for to ensure accurate imaging.

Patient Relations and Medical Receptionists

Medical receptionists are the first people most patients encounter in a healthcare environment. A pleasant demeanor, organizational skills and attention to detail are essential in greeting patients, scheduling appointments and maintaining patient records.

Medical Billers/Specialists

Medical billing specialists work in accounts payable or receivable departments of hospitals, doctors’ offices, insurance companies or other healthcare facilities. They need to have strong math abilities, organizational skills and attention to detail.

What’s the Best Way to Land One of the Hottest Healthcare Careers in Houston?

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