March isn’t just another month—it’s Red Cross Month, a time to celebrate and honor the remarkable humanitarian efforts of the American Red Cross. For healthcare organizations, this presents a valuable opportunity to partner with the American Red Cross. Not only will your local community benefit from this partnership, but it is also a creative way to enhance quality patient care 

Opportunities to Make a Difference

There are many diverse opportunities available to healthcare organizations who want to make a difference in their communities by teaming up with the Red Cross:

Hosting a Blood Drive  

With the Red Cross supplying approximately 40% of the nation’s blood, hosting blood drives is a tangible way for healthcare partners to make a difference. By rallying employees, patients, and their local communities, healthcare organizations can play a pivotal role in bolstering the blood supply and saving lives. 

Assisting in Disaster Relief  

In times of crisis, the Red Cross provides vital support, such as shelter, food, and healthcare services. Collaborating with the Red Cross on local disaster preparedness and relief efforts ensures that communities are better equipped to handle emergencies when they arise. 

Providing Military Support  

The Red Cross offers essential services and emergency communications for members of the military, veterans, and their families. Healthcare partners, particularly those with military treatment facilities, can lend their support to these programs, offering care and assistance to those who have served our country. 

Conducting Health and Safety Training  

As a leading provider of classes and certifications in CPR, first aid, and caregiver training, the Red Cross equips individuals with life-saving skills. Healthcare facilities are ideally positioned to host these courses, empowering staff and the wider community with essential health and safety knowledge. 

Partner with the American Red Cross 

Healthcare organizations can explore partnership opportunities with the American Red Cross at various levels—local, regional, or national—based on their capacities and interests. By working with the Red Cross, healthcare organizations can support a mission to reduce suffering and create stronger, resilient communities. 

As we celebrate Red Cross Month, let’s acknowledge how healthcare organizations partnering with the American Red Cross can make a big difference. Together, we can help communities, save lives, and show the compassion and service the Red Cross stands for. Contact your local Red Cross chapter to start a meaningful partnership. 

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