• 15-year partnership
  • 1-15 Radiological Technologists needed daily
  • 75% hired full-time
  • Many with 5+ years tenure


A top orthopedic provider in the Greater Houston area struggled to find qualified Radiological Technologists in a competitive job market. Many recent graduates lacked the necessary experience, making it harder to fill these positions.


Team1Medical introduced a unique program for recent graduates, featuring four-hour working interviews. These interviews were billed at a reduced rate, covering only essential costs like wages, workers’ compensation, liability insurance, and taxes. This approach let the client see each candidate in action in a cost-effective way. Maybe more importantly, the client got to make real-time evaluations on each candidate’s ability to handle a fast-paced environment, interact with patients, and fit seamlessly into the team.


Our innovative strategy delivered major results. We created a flexible PRN (as needed) pool of Radiological Technologists. These professionals were ready for short-term, long-term, and temp-to-hire assignments. This allowed the orthopedic provider to approve time-off requests and manage other workforce changes without disrupting operations.

As the clinic expanded, growing from six to over 20 locations, Team1Medical consistently provided top talent who transitioned into full-time roles. This success story shows how a strategic staffing partnership can drive growth and keep clinic operations running smoothly.

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