You just found out that one of your top employees is leaving your practice. Where do you go from here?

The first thing is to handle the fallout. You know that when a top performer leaves, it will have a big impact on those who remain. They will wonder what happened. It probably will have an effect on morale.

Here are a few things to do:

  1. Perform an exit interview. You obviously want to know why an outstanding employee has decided to leave. An exit interview might be a good way to find out. You should give the person permission to speak freely because he or she won’t want to criticize a supervisor if that was the reason for leaving. Then take the time to think about what the person has told you. Think about what you can do to address the issues raised so that other employees won’t leave for the same reasons.
  2. Consider making a counteroffer. This approach should be used only in certain situations, since it is not the most effective method. You first need to do a cost-benefit analysis – would the damage caused by the person leaving outweigh the drawbacks of the person coming back to the practice? These drawbacks include questions from other employees about the person’s loyalty to the practice and to the people in it. It could present an awkward situation.
  3. Keep it classy. Show your class by maintaining a positive and supportive attitude about the person leaving. Wish him or her well. Write a reference letter, if needed. Show your appreciation for what the person has done for the practice. Keep your workers informed about what is going on and how the transition will be handled, and what will be expected of them.
  4. Move forward. If you plan to hire someone to replace the person leaving, begin the process. Consult with supervisors to decide what skills you are looking for and to develop a good job description. If you are looking for top talent, streamline your hiring process. Research has shown that the top 10 percent of those looking for jobs usually receive an offer after only about 10 days.

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