If your medical practice is looking to work with a healthcare recruiting firm, naturally one of the first things you need to do is figure out which staffing service to work with. When you look at recruiting firms, what criteria should you use to decide whom to work with? What kinds of questions should you ask?

If you are not sure how to choose, the process can be confusing and overwhelming. To help you make your way through this thicket of recruiting options, here is a short checklist to help you evaluate recruiting firms.

  1. What kind of local expertise does the firm have? What kind of reputation does the firm have in your area? How many established local clients does it work with – what kind of connections does it have with local medical practices and healthcare organizations? All of these factors will give you an indication of how effective the firm is locally.
  2. How deep is their talent pool? What kind of talent does the firm have to draw on? Can it provide you with the people you need, not only in terms of their specialty, but in terms of their experience and expertise?
  3. How well established is the firm in the community? How many years has the firm been in business? What kind of growth has it had? How many clients has it added over the years?
  4. What kind of track record does the firm have? Are most of their candidates hired? Do most of their candidates perform well on the job? This is a good indication of the kind of people the firm recruits as well as the kind of assessment the firm does on each of its job candidates.
    For example, medical practices hire more than 90 percent of the job candidates Team1Medical Staffing sends to them. And almost 90 percent of these people are still with their employer three years later.
  5. Can the firm handle all of your personnel needs? Can the recruiting firm find people to fill nonclinical as well as clinical positions? If you need to find secretaries, receptionists, billers, and coders, can you rely on the firm to find qualified people?
  6. What kind of informational resources does the firm provide? What kind of information does the firm provide to help keep you up to date about the medical recruiting industry – the facts, figures, trends, and changes in the industry?
    The Team1Medical’s website, for example, provides a blog and an online magazine to keep clients abreast of what is going on in the healthcare industry and recruiting.
  7. What kind of recognition has the recruiting firm earned? Has the company received any awards or other recognition for its service?
    For example, Team1Medical has received a long list of awards and recognition, including being named as one of Houston’s best places to work, and named as the most dependable medical staffing company by Texas Monthly Magazine.
  8. How transparent is the recruiting process? Does the firm inform clients about how it recruits people, the assessment process candidates go through, and how people are placed? Does the firm keep clients informed of the recruiting effort on their behalf?

These are a few of the questions your practice can use to determine the quality of the recruiting firm you are dealing with. Questions that will help make your relationship with the firm more productive and enjoyable.

For more than two decades, Team1Medical Staffing has provided personalized and reliable service that has earned us the reputation as one of the most trusted medical staffing agencies in the Greater Houston area. We have become a top-notch firm because of our attention to detail and the flexibility we offer our clients when it comes to staffing and recruiting their medical and healthcare facilities.

Call 713-590-2980 or contact us today, and find out why we are different from any other medical staffing firm.

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